Release Notes

Changes On March 26, 2024


  • Faster Archive: We've optimized our archive page, significantly improving loading speeds. Accessing historical data is now quicker and more efficient, allowing for a smoother user experience.
  • Banner Visibility: We've addressed an issue where the informational banner would not remain closed as intended. Now, the banner will stay hidden until you clear your browser cookies or cache, ensuring a cleaner interface for already connected users.
  • Feedback Button: The feedback option for completed orders has been extended to include orders in a "Processing" state, even when no tracking information is provided. This change ensures that you can always provide feedback to all users. 
  • Subscription Payments: We've modified our approach to handling failed subscription payment renewals. Now, we will make 3 retry attempts over a 3-hour period, compared to the previous method of one attempt every 24 hours over a 4-day period. This adjustment aims to improve the reliability of subscription renewals and minimize disruptions to your service. 
Changes On March 22, 2024

New Features:

  • Regular Updates on Platform Changes: Stay informed with our new section for release notes. We'll regularly share updates on new features, bug fixes, and enhancements here, ensuring you're always up-to-date.

  • Deal Export to .xlsx: Export the cards and list prices of any deal to a .xlsx file. This feature allows you to analyze and review deal specifics in a spreadsheet format offline, providing a new level of accessibility and convenience.


  • Yellow Dot Notification: Look for the yellow dot icon. It now highlights new activity, such as Feed Posts or Release Notes, ensuring you never miss out on the latest updates.

  • Vacation Mode Improvements: Enhance your Vacation Mode experience by temporarily hiding your listings from the marketplace view. While hidden, your listings will be greyed out, but you can still make edits within your My Card Shop.

  • Terminology Update from Reject to Decline: We've updated our terminology, changing the "Reject/Rejected" buttons and messaging to "Decline/Declined" for clearer communication.

  • Marketplace Banner: A new marketplace banner for showcasing product news or platform highlights (such as our integration with Mascot, where you can effortlessly sync your eBay listings to MCP).


  • Bug Fix for Card Names with Single Quotes: We've resolved an issue where single quotes in card names prevented users from adding cards to their cart via the Buy Now buttons. Shopping and checkout should now be seamless across all listings.