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Frequently Asked Questions

MyCardPost.com is a subscription-based sports card marketplace that allows members to buy, sell, trade, and make deals using cards and cash with other members without paying seller/transaction fees.

You can join MyCardPost.com for free as a buyer or choose one of our membership plans to access all features, including buying, selling, and trading cards.

Yes, you can join MyCardPost.com for free as a buyer. To access the full range of features, including selling and trading cards, you will need to choose a subscription plan.

Zero. MCP has no seller fees. Our concept is FREE for buyers, and subscription-based for sellers, which allows for unlimited transactions per month and the freedom to make any kind of deal. The only fees are PayPal processing fees for when cash is exchanged in purchases or trades. 

If you’re experiencing onboarding issues with PayPal, ensure your email address is confirmed within your account. You can do this by logging into your PayPal account and checking for any prompts to verify your email. If such a prompt exists, follow the instructions provided to confirm. Once your email is confirmed, your onboarding process should proceed smoothly. If the problem continues, further investigation into your account settings or contacting PayPal support may be needed.

Stripe is used for subscription management and Paypal is used for all cash payments. 

MCP is very much built around the trust model, similar to how everyone is making deals on social media today, but our approach is as follows:

- Most people in the hobby are very honest and ethical

- The subscription paywall for sellers is designed to eliminate a large % of those with fraudulent intentions

- By eliminating the fee-based approach, users can now do their own due diligence by exploring public links to sellers’ social profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), eBay store (feedback), MySlabs, etc.

- Users are encouraged to do small deals (i.e., trades) with new members first, gaining trust, before doing any larger value deals.

- Expectations and the idea is that people will make new friends, build new relationships, and do many deals with each other.

- Feedback ratings are available and built in.

- Any reports of scams behavior will result in account suspension

- And more protections will be introduced over time. 

You can downgrade to FREE or cancel your subscription anytime through your subscription account settings. 

Click "Marketplace > My Cards" to see and send private offers to all buyers watching any card (represented with a yellow heart (💛) icon). 

No, we do not charge seller or transaction fees. Our platform is subscription-based, and the subscription plans cover all fees.

After subscribing to one of our membership plans and onboarding with PayPal, you can easily list your cards on your card shop/profile ("Add Cards"), complete with front and back images, card type/descriptions, and list pricing.

Yes, we encourage members to link their social media accounts to their profiles. It increases credibility and allows potential buyers and sellers to connect with you on other platforms.

Simply navigate to your Completed Transactions page. From there, you'll see an option to click on "Order Details" for each transaction. By clicking "Order Details," you'll be able to view all necessary shipping information for the buyer or trading party involved in that particular deal.

Click the "Multi-Card Cash Offer" button is each seller's card shop (if enabled). 

Yes, trading cards is one of the key features of MyCardPost.com. You can easily negotiate trades and make deals using cards and cash with other members.

We take fraud very seriously. We have strict measures in place to prevent fraudulent activity and will take immediate action against any member found engaging in such behavior.

We encourage users to communicate openly and provide tracking information when shipping cards. Additionally, PayPal's buyer protection can help in case of disputes.

You can send messages directly to other members through MyCardPost.com's chat/messaging system. Additionally, open communication and messaging is part of the deal/offer negotiation process. 

Negotiate respectfully and fairly by being open to counteroffers and compromise. Effective communication and understanding are key to successful deals on MyCardPost.com.

Once a deal is struck, it's the seller's responsibility to ship the cards promptly. Buyers will receive tracking information where possible. In the case of trades, each party is responsible for shipping their own cards and providing tracking information. 

Prompt shipping is appreciated by buyers and reflects positively on your reputation. Provide tracking information and communicate any delays promptly.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. Note: The downgrade changes will take effect from your next billing cycle.

You can share your "Earn Free Months" referral link or send invitations to friends via email, social media, or other messaging platforms.

No, there are no hidden fees. We only charge the subscription fee and PayPal processing fees on cash transactions.

MyCardPost.com stands out as a subscription-based platform with no seller fees, allowing for flexible deals using cards and cash and encouraging open communication and social connections among users.

High-resolution photos (well-cropped), quality and diversity of cards, fair and competitive pricing, and reasonable shipping fees can all make your listings more attractive.