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MCP Marketplace Safety Guide: Evaluating New Members

At My Card Post (MCP), we're committed to creating a safe and secure trading environment. When dealing with new members, especially for high-value trades, it’s crucial to assess their profiles thoroughly. Here’s what to look for before proceeding with significant transactions:

1) Profile Picture: Does the member have a profile picture? A genuine profile photo can be a sign of a serious and authentic user.

2) Social Media Presence: Are their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) linked? Review these accounts to gauge their activity and presence in the community. Authentic, active social media profiles can be reassuring.

3) Other Marketplace Profiles: Check if they have linked profiles from other marketplaces like eBay or MySlabs. Review these profiles, focusing on feedback and transaction history. Positive feedback and a history of transactions are good indicators of a trustworthy trader.

4) Transaction History on MCP: Have they completed any transactions within MCP? A history of successful trades, even small ones, can be a positive sign.

5) Feedback Ratings: Evaluate their MCP feedback rating (5 stars). Have they received positive feedback from other members who have done deals with them? Excellent feedback from other community members is a strong indicator of a trustworthy trader.

6) Quality of Listings and Images: Assess the quality of their listings. Are the images of the cards high-quality and well-cropped? Attention to detail in listings can reflect a member’s seriousness and professionalism.

Proceed with Caution:

● If a new member lacks several of these elements, it’s wise to proceed with caution.

● Start with smaller trades to build trust. Avoid engaging in high-value trades until you’ve successfully completed smaller transactions with them.

Building Trust and Security:

● Our community thrives on trust and transparency. Taking these steps helps protect not only individual members but also the integrity of the entire MCP community.

● Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts and use the available tools and information to make safe trading decisions.

Reporting and Support:

● If you encounter any suspicious behavior or have concerns about a member, please report it immediately. Our team is here to maintain a safe trading environment.

By following these guidelines, you can significantly reduce risk and enjoy a more secure trading experience. Let’s work together to keep MCP a trusted and safe platform for all collectors and hobbyists.