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Your Marketplace, Your Rules: Welcome to My Card Post!

In a world where high transaction fees and communication barriers have stifled the spirit of sports card collecting, My Card Post (MCP) brings forward a new era of freedom and fairness for collectors—whether you're a seasoned dealer or taking your first foray into this nostalgic hobby.

The Problem We're Solving

Let's face it: sky-high transaction fees have been a blight on the collector's journey. Many have resorted to social media platforms, which, despite their merits, are ill-suited for the nuances of sports card trading.

The My Card Post Difference

We've designed MCP to be your one-stop, versatile marketplace. Sure, you can buy and sell as usual, but why stop there? Unleash your creative potential with our signature trading feature, allowing you to wheel and deal in any combination of cards and cash. Imagine proposing a cash offer for a bundle of PC cards—that’s the level of flexibility MCP offers.

Why Communication is Key

Traditional marketplaces put you in a straitjacket when it comes to connecting with other collectors. MCP changes the game. We don't just allow open communication; we encourage it. From showcasing your social media links on your profile to fostering a sense of camaraderie among members, we believe that dialogue is the lifeblood of meaningful transactions.

A New Model for a New Era

Our subscription-based architecture removes most of the old rules and limits that have plagued the hobby community for years. Enjoy the freedom to chat openly without someone watching your every move. Plus, say goodbye to transaction fees and hello to maximized profit margins.

Our Pledge

At MCP, our purpose is simple: to host a 24/7 virtual card show where collectors can revel in the sheer joy of the hunt, unshackled by outdated rules. Your deal-making freedom, after all, should have no limits.

We invite you to be a part of this journey as we redefine what a sports card marketplace can be. Your support doesn't just help us grow; it nourishes a community that we can all call home.

Warm regards,


Founder & CEO, MyCardPost.com

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