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The hobby has been in desperate need of something like this. A fresh new idea that gives people more control and freedom. MyCardPost is going to revolutionize the sports card industry.

Austin Sanidas, @sebahockeycards

Living in Canada, the taxes and fees associated with other platforms have pushed many of us to social media channels. When I first heard about MyCardPost, I immediately knew this could be a game changer.

James Hill, @honeymooncapitalhockeycards

MyCardPost is a great concept. I'm a big fan! The ability to propose and accept trades using cards and cash makes it super easy to negotiate deals quickly. The future home of the hobby is right here at MCP.

Chris Dolan, @617_collectibles

MyCardPost is a great platform to meet great people. I love it! It's super easy to negotiate deals and very user-friendly! Highly recommended to anyone who loves getting maximum returns on sales/trades/deals.

Andrew Polascak, @aps_hockey_cards

This concept is amazing! There is nothing better the hobby could have asked for! Thank you so much for making this marketplace!


This is the most fun I've had with cards in awhile!

Joshua LaRoque, @rocc_the_proof

This site is absolutely amazing! Finally, there is a marketplace that has the buyer's and seller's best interest at heart.

Bryan Cunningham, @cardchef37

Every time I visit a shop or speak to somebody in the hobby I tell them about this platform. I go to trade nights all the time, and it’s not as fun as wheeling and dealing on My Card Post. I always feel pressured to make a decision right away at shows, while here, I have the time to do research, and I can take more time to speak to people and build relationships.

Gio Martin, @Hockeyb4Sports


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